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He basically said as much.

The offer wasn't something he could take seriously. I don't think that even Dephie seriously believed it would save them -- it was a 50-turn alliance. What happens after the end of that, with Wanda, their best military asset, on the enemy side?
Actually it could depend on what Goodmitten might be able to do with that offer and the details of the local situation. Afterall its an alliance not just a peace treaty or a ceasefire. In theory its possible that Goodmitten could have used Haffaton might to help it win cities from other sides, possibly even going against goodmitten's former allies. If Goodmitten could add more cities it would be enough for them to rebuild their forces to fight back should haffaton decide to restart the war after 50 turns.

This possibility is something you have to weight against two former allies breaking alliance and joining the enemy... That combined with Haffaton making a renewed offensive goodmitten may be gone within 10 turns. Frankly the 50 turn alliance may offer more possibilities that increase their chance of survival