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    Default Re: Capt. Ido learns to steal thread ideas (and also draw)!

    Quote Originally Posted by Capt. Ido Nos View Post
    Day 50 - Ten minute Derp

    Today, this really DID end up being a ten minute doodle. I probably all told spent about four hours in traffic across the whole day. Thanqol, I'll have you know that I could have been sleeping right now, but because of YOU and also Siuis I said NO, I will draw something and post it.

    I am... almost disappointed at how smooth my lineart turned out
    Your ability to draw Derpy so well in 10 minutes flat disgusts me! To the moon!

    But seriously, that is an excellent pony for such a short amount of time. Also hi! I've been lurking the drawthreads for a while now...I should probably go post in Thanqol's thread too...
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