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    Quote Originally Posted by HandofShadows View Post
    What's odd in a way is that Wanda does some of the same things that Delphie is doing. But that they tend to work out the way she wants them too. Of course she also actually tries to work with other people (Parson in particular) and will even tell Stanley what she is doing if it will get the job done. Wanda can be even more manipulative than Delphie but she does it for very different reasons than Delphie.
    That's not odd, that's character development.
    In her "youth" Wanda was much more idealistic and hopeful. She stood by the idea that the overlord, chief warlord, and all others important involved should have all the information and should be trusted to make the right decision. Delphie's actions in this regard opposed to all that.

    However, Wanda's gonna find out the hard way that the world does not fit her ideals. She will find that Delphie was right, that there is no use fighting fate and that those who do are bound to go down a painful road. She will also find that there are often times when the people in charge don't know as well as you do and thus can be prone to making terrible decisions; as such manipulation and lies become a must for fulfilling one's duty
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