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    Default Re: 2011 OOTS Ornament + New CafePress Shirts, Laptop Skins, etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by WickedWizard17 View Post
    Um, guys, has anyone else noticed that Leeky Windstaff seems to still be a part of the Linear Guild? CAN WE EXPECT TO SEE HIM?
    Sigh. If it wasn't already obvious from stuff like the OoTS poster and the cover of SoD:

    Quote Originally Posted by The Giant View Post
    The presence, absence, position, or style of any character on any piece of merchandise has no bearing on any future (or past) plot points. I design the merchandise to look good and sell well. Usually, I specifically design the merchandise in order to avoid any sort of plot relevance; the Thog kids shirt still has all his tusks unbroken, for example. I generally choose the most "iconic" look for each character, if there is such a thing.

    In the case of Leeky, there were three reasons I chose him:
    1. He was shorter than Hilgya, and thus better parodied the "child" slot of the original family stickers.
    2. He is the only druid in the comic, and has strong appeal to people who like druids.
    3. He is significantly less of a pain in the ass to convert to line art than Hilgya is, due to differences in how I constructed the art way back during the first book. And I had a lot of art to make for those shirts.

    I assure you that reason #3 was the biggest factor, by a fair margin.

    Also, my lack of commenting on a topic does not implicitly confirm or deny the proposition being put forth. Sometimes, I just don't care enough to respond. I may be low on time and decide that something is too trivial to bother answering. Heck, the fact that I respond to things at all is a relatively recent development.
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