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    Alias: Koro

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Half kodiak bear, half green dragon

    Age: 31

    Profession: N/A

    Description: In many ways Koro looks like a bear, so consider that the base for his appearance. Of course, being half dragon, there are some differences. First of all is his size. He stands 10 feet tall at the shoulder, he is 20 feet long, and he weighs 7200 pounds.

    As for dragon traits, there are several. First of all, he has a large set of dragon wings on his back. They are fully functional for flying. His fur is largely brown, but it has the barest hint of green. His teeth and claws are bigger than a bears would be, and his hide is thicker. His eyes are emerald green.

    By Nettlebeast:

    Personality: Koro is a rather friendly bear, considering he's still a wild animal. Might be in part because of his dragon heritage and the increased intelligence that comes with it.

    Of course, this doesn't quite hold true all the time. He has a very strong hoarding instinct, especially when it comes to gold. Koro loves his gold, and coming between him and it is dangerous.

    • A collar that gives him limitless endurance. In addition, the person that wears the corresponding ring can control him. Ilpholin currently holds that ring.
    • An amulet that greatly increases his fertility.

    Inventory: Bag
    • Gold and other shinies.

    • Not revealed on screen, but presumably a lot of gold and such.

    Abilities: Besides being stronger than a bear would be at his size and bieng able to fly, Koro has a couple other noteworthy abilities. Most notable is his breath weapon. As is normal for green dragons, he can breath clouds of poisonous gas. Another is that his roar can inspire a supernatural fear in those weak willed enough. Lastly, his thick hid is not only resistant to regular weaponry, but magic as well.

    Backstory: Koro was born of the union between a green dragon with interesting tastes and a kodiak grizzly bear. He and the half dragon half human Zanny share a father. Koro has spent his extended life living as a regular bear, though a clever one.

    Miscellaneous: N/A
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