Why are the shot glasses and laptop cases not advertised more prominently?!!

Those are the only things I am marginally likely to buy, and yet they're the last things listed. Especially shot glasses, since they're fantastic gifts (or stocking-stuffers, but maybe not at these prices...), deserve more than a postscript.

I love D&D and OotS but I'm a closeted gamer, so I would never wear a gaming t-shirt* and don't know many people IRL who game for whom I could buy one. But I'm seriously considering a shot glass (and maybe one as a present, too) and half-considering a laptop skin. A laptop skin is particularly appropriate for a webcomic!

Also, have you considered shot glasses with just characters' heads? I would without a doubt buy one of those.

That's a lot about my personal preferences, but consider it market research.

I also just don't wear a lot of t-shirts... I'm in my early twenties but it's business casual at work and I'm still single, so I like to look good when I go out!