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1. Aaah. My mistake.

Here, I'll clear up your confusion. My Girlfriend requested them.
And here I thought the ponies were taking over the internet.

2. A list of all the published ones, and their sources, would be great. Feel free to tackle the Baern, because it has several abilities that don't sit well with me. That's not to say that I won't ever do it, but probably not going to happen any time soon.
Your list, my friend;

CR 4 - Ekolid (FC1 p38)
CR 10 - Draudnu (MMV p24), Laghathti (Web Enhancement)
CR 14 - Verkia (Dragon 357 p31)
CR 15 - Sibrex (FCI p53)
CR 16 - Uzollru (Draon 349 p41)
CR 16 - Uzollru (Draon 349 p41)
Obyrith Demon Lords - FCI