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    Default Unresolved Plot Point Collection Thread II

    Put in a new thread cause the old one died and due to the changing of the guard mysterywise.

    There are many unresolved plot points and unanswered questions in Oots verse. Rather than debate them, this thread is about gathering them together in one easy thread. I have done a few (a good few) to start y'all off. Any mysteries collected will be added to the OP. Any mysteries solved will be deleted from the OP. starting in 3,2,1:

    The big three:

    What is Varsuuvius’ gender?

    What is MitD?

    How will Belkar “die”?

    Story-wide plot points:

    When will Xykon and Redcloak fully betray each other?

    What's the deal with the world in the world?

    Do the crayon drawings hide a secret?

    How will Elan get his happy ending?

    Will Belkar kill Varsuuvius?

    How will the IFCC use their remaining 24 minutes of V’s soul?

    What are the 9 (or more) sides to the conflict?

    Will MitD turn to the side of good?

    What is Redcloak going to do with the Phylacetery and when will Xykon find out about the switch?

    Is the Dark One hiding a step in his grand plan from Redcloak?

    Will Durkon become a normal Dwarf again?

    Where do Sabine's loyalties lie?

    Future arc plot points:

    What broke up the Scribble so much?

    How did Kraagnor die?

    Where is Serini?

    How is Xykon's fortress going to show up in the plot?

    What else does Xykon have in secret?

    Why was the Dark One gathering an army of souls?

    What did Roy ask his Archon to do?

    Will Eugene go to heaven?

    What will O-Chul and Lien find at Kraagnor's gate?

    What will happen to Azure city?

    Will the Soul-Splice be used again?

    How did the Scribble find out what the gates did?

    How will Belkar save Hinjo's life a 2nd time?

    What will really happen if all the gates are destroyed?

    What is Elan's plan to help Ian and co defeat Tarquin?

    What was Nale's "Evil Potential"?

    Will Thog live?

    Current arc plot points:

    What is Hel's Plan?

    Can the Inner Durkon fight the spirit controlling him?

    Will Belkar survive his fall?

    What will be the outcome of the Godsmoot Referendum?

    Spoiler: OtOoPC's and SoD spoilers
    How will Durkon bring doom to the dwarves?

    What Happened to Redcloak's niece?

    What happened to Xykon's gem with the souls of the scribble in it?

    What about that anti-betrayal spell Xykon did on the Mitd?

    What is Redcloak's real name?

    What happened to Lirian and Right Eye's zombies?

    Will we ever know:

    What is Daigo's surname?

    What happened when Roy and Durkon visited the Oracle the first time?

    Why is Fyron's son not in SoD?

    What did Haley mean when she said she's not exactly what you call...?

    Will Hilgya come back?

    What is Elan's last name?

    Has Kazumi had that baby yet?

    What will Kazumi call the baby?

    What happened to Dorukan's and Lirian's rifts?

    Will Eugene keep his promise not to visit his family?
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