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Soft Serve: Awesome on the Erinyes and Lillend, love to see what you do with them. =) also, No worries and no rush on the Titan. I'm certain I'll LOVE what ever you do on it, and I have absolutely no problems waiting till you find the time to give it the attention it needs.
Alright. Thanks for bearing with me.

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There from SK, but they where a bit bland. They are tiny, with 1/4 CR. There main ability was to squirt water to blind things. They are also expert swimmers, to.
There basicly Kolbalds IN WATER, but I had a fun game in which about twenty of them where nesting on a old, abandoned ship the PC's where exploring. Cue slippery, rusting floors and a creative use of using there small size to trip the players. The mage had to get healed for tetnus afterwords. Made them realise that they need to prepare before going in such places. Hence my fondness for the pathetic buggers.
Aaah. Alright. Well, those would certainly be doable, and at least they're better than giant hamsters. From Space.