Ch 8 This game is for kids?

I decided to box Scep after in Mt.Moon trying to fulfill his needs. So I took out Grumbles to replace Scep.
Back in my day, we didn't have boxes trainers fought by sending wave after wave of pokemon at the enemy. Until they ran out of PP and struggled to death
That's great Grumbles. I'm going to train you up to match with the rest of the team.

*sniff* I wonder if I can find her nest?
Grumbles fought by attempting to stack poison on top of squeezing the victim until their ribs shattered. When it worked it was effective, if slow going.
You know back in my day, pokemon centers didn't give food. You had to hunt and catch your own dinner. My first trainer had a Spearow let's just say we had plenty of Sunny side up eggs, and the Spearow was a cry baby

I like helping our friends get stronger, don't you Mr.shroom
And that helps them get stronger too.

Against Ekans Grumbles had issues, the inability to poison made it take much longer.

Back in my day, every young Ekans knew how to bite with enough force to puncture steel.
So why did you just learn it?
My teeth are old, you disrespectful brat.

Grumbles now used flinch hax to defeat his foes, and the Rattata blood and sinew were spread all around him.
Bah in my day a pokemon could take that and more.
How! Most of it isn't even attached to the heart or brain anymore.
That never stopped me!

Ah see how quickly my power grows, that's because I'm not held back my frivolous luxuries like my organs!
...*face-palm* That's great.

Crap I think I overgrinded, I'll just grind the rest of the team up to your level,

Your shrooms will betray you!
Noooo! *sob* My shroomy friends would never betray me!
Oh you're such a joker Mr.Shroom.

I'm happy to help my friends

And I'll help you, help your friends.

You're just a stupid monkey, that uses pacifism as an excuse to kill everyone you want!
No, no that's not true!

Pacifism justifies anything, and if I need to kill everyone to get there, then I will.

My skill improves even further.

I'll never let anyone flee!

I...I feel funny

No longer shall I be the only Pidgey. I will be the only Pidgeotto!

Desire to eat meat overwhelming! Let's find me some Caterpies
Pidgeotto Com bird pokemon, Seems much more carnivorous then Pidgeys. Still wants to be the only one in the Pidgey line.

You will never be the only Pidgeotto!
No... no it isn't true

The power to kill other Pidgeotto's increases!

Mommy will never love you!
*sob* Stop being mean. Mommy loves me most of all!

Mommy I wuv you.
I wuv you too.

Hey Gary, how are you?

More like kicking butt and taking names

Good, seeing as your neither.

Gary I challenge you to a four on four battle.
Bring it!

Go Zephyr
*sigh* Tweety go!

I call Haxs my Pidgey didn't evolve till level 18
There can be only one!
Zephyr quick attack!
You think such weak attacks will knock out Tweety! He was trained by an Oak! Tweety quick attack!

Zephyr quick attack
Tweety blow him away!

Zephyr finish this, quick attack!

Zephyr struck with savage ferocity ramming “Tweety” so hard it's ribs cracked, but it was still alive. Zephyr couldn't strike to kill with my order.
Go Pesty!
Pcebro go! And no you can't kill this guy's pokemon.

Pcebro karate chop

And he downed it in a single blow.
Bill nye I choose you!
Grumbles I choose you!
Back in my day, we would have been all sent out at once. Then you would of used your superior numbers to gang beat his pokemon.

Grumbles bite!

His abra tried to teleport away, but the irresistible pull of a trainer battle brought it back as Grumbles onom nomed on it's head.

I may be down but I'm not out, Trogdor I choose you!
Zephyr go!

Zephyr quick attack!
Trogdor ember

Trogdor has put its tail in front of its mouth and breathed. The small flame became a steady stream of fire, as Zephyr screamed in agony as it was burned alive. Zephyr here's a potion
Trogdor ember

Zephyr quick attack!
A little wound never hurt Trogdor. Ember!
I'll burn you alive, for Mommy's love!

Zephyr finish this. Use Quick attack.

Jeez Zephyr. I'd say take anger management courses if the results weren't so useful.

Meh. Zephyr gets good results

I don't know.

Yeah and unlike you, I can catch rare pokemon, and I don't need them shown to me.

Didn't he just steal it from Lanette?

I guess.

*rolls eyes* You need new insults.


Yeah but who beats who?

A favor for what?

Yeah sure, those roles totally aren't reversed in real life.

By the way. Sorry about not using you in the battle Red Baron.
I understand, you needed to give the boy a chance.
Well I'm going to give you a present.

A new plane. A new body to fly silently in the sky

Oh you're evolving.

I'm master of the sky!
You sure are baby
If you weren't evolved I'd eat you right here!
Fearow The drill bird pokemon. They believe they are masters of the sky. They apparently can eat Pidgeys.

Um okay?

What is it rainbow sparkles and glitter.


Sorry. I don't swing that way.


And Zephyr gutted it, and let it bleed to death.

Mommy! Is she my wifey?
Sure, why not?
Play with me!

And then Biollante started “playing” with it.
You'll be an again Mommy when I'm done, and when the eggs hatched.

Is she my concubine?
If it will make you happy.
Yee! I'm going to make you a again Mommy again!

Oh see even she wants to help you be an again Mommy!

What? Why? Biollante
Because I only wuv Mommy, and she wanted me to love her. Do you think she can produce eggs with her brain leaking out her eyes Mommy?

Yeah she probably can.

Well Biollante really wanted me to become a Grandma I guess and then it kinda unfurled from there.

Not touching!

For pacifism!!!!
He had managed to chop the Sandshrew's head off it's body

You're too old to fight!

Ow that has to hurt. I going to leave you to your sobbing in agony.

*face-palm* Yes, but I just thought if I didn't “play” with everyone on this bridge, how could I live with myself.
That's the spirit.

You mean like what happened with guy number 3?

Shouldn't you be in Johto?

Why couldn't Gary have burned this bridge, literally!

My prize better not be them as concubines

Wow! Do you really mean it. That's been my dream since I could remember.

And that makes you different from any other criminal group in this world how?

Oh bring it!

I am letting it go to waste

Who are you?
My name is Bumbles human. Can you please catch me?
So tasty
Guys... and girls leave him alone. Why do you want to be caught?
Well I need the help of a trainer to find and kill the bear who took my Grandad.
Dear Arceus you sound like Gramps.
You know the legendary Gramps, hero of a thousand anti-Bear campaigns?
A Whimsur to Exploud right? The Weedle nodded. Yeah my father was his trainer.
Your father trained Gramps? Take me with you!!
Um sure.

zzzz I'll avenge you Grandad. zzzzz
Weedle the poison bug pokemon. Wants to avenge it's father in the bear wars. Knows Gramps and Illven.

Who are you?
My name is Dee. After my last trainer killed me by evolving the Gloom into a Bellossom, I grew in my anger until I was strong enough to bind myself to a oddish without DID.
Tell her how much you like skittles. My name is Darr by the way
Who was your trainer?
A male by the name Illven! But this time I'll be a Vileplume. And I'll eat him alive.
Huh. Illven you say. Well uh come along with me and I'll help you. Catching the Oddish meant that it wouldn't be able to harm me, and I could order it not to harm Illven.
You'll help me get skittles! Yay!!!!!

zzzz Skittles are the best. I wish I could get skittles and then run away from everyone. zzzz
zzzzzz I'll get my vengeance! zzzzzzz
Oddish the root pokemon. Oddish apparently like Skittles. They also seem to have a likelyhood for DID

Characters that speak in this update

Red Baron

So what should be do with Bumbles and Dee-Darr. Should we box them, or take them with us and box a team member. Remember any pokemon boxed will have reserve grinding. So they will show up again.

Comments are always appreciated.