Full Name: Rick Patterson Richard Senior
Alias: Rick
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Human
Age: 35
Alignment: Neutral Good
Class/Profession: Farmer
Power Rating: 2 (Civilian)
Description: Rick is an out of shape kind of guy. To say he's fat would be insulting however. He's just big boned, flabby at worst. Despite this he stands at 5'11 which when coupled with his wide body frame gives him a large area of intimidation to the average person. He's balding despite the fact that he has no grey hairs and is purely brown. The ring of hair around his head extend downwards with sideburns that eventually connect at his chin to give him a kind of head strap appearance. His face is muttered and dirty, his teeth fairing not much better, and his nose is bumpy and slightly mishapen almost as if it was punched into it's current shape.... He is caucassian with the type of brown eyes that make you feel bad for the guy even though you've never met him before.
Personality: *Rick is a nice enough guy. He's not entirely popular but he's well liked when people remember him. He generally prefers to come in, get things done, and then be forgotten so that he may return to his business. He can be xenophobic at times, distrusting strangers at the slightest infraction. When stress gets him down he starts to ge a little trigger happy but is instantly remorseful when the sensation wears off. His xenophobia is only heightened to it's extreme when it comes to strangers coming near his children, and he's been known to pummel people with all his weight when they touch his son strangely.
Equipment: Greasy SnapBack sports hat, cleaned white shirt, red button up shirt undone half way through, well crafted double barrel shotgun, flip flop sandals, denim jeans, and a single pack of Bubbalicious Boomba Boomba Gum.
Abilities: Stronger then a out of shape man! Faster then a speeding puppy! Able to leap short objects in a single bound! There's nothing he can do that a normal person can't. *
Backstory: To come later
Miscellaneous: First Character