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    Johnny Johanes
    Alias: That One-Legged Kid, Mommy, how did that kid lose his leg?, One Leg One Leg, Mommy and Daddy ate your Leg!
    Age: 23
    Race: Human
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Profession: Caretaker
    Power Rating: E-
    Description: A man with shockingly pink hair and sky blue eyes. He has several scars on his body from where his parents "sampled" him.
    Personality: To be developed IC.
    Equipment: A prosthetic leg.
    Ablities: He has the ability of being tasty to cannibals T.T
    And his blood is a colorless substance so I guess that's an ability too?
    Back Story: Johnny was born to a loving mother and father.
    However one day, Johnny was helping his mother make dinner in the kitchen. His hand with a knife in it slipped and cut open his finger, spilling blood into the mashed potatoes.
    He didn't notice the blood.
    Later, his father and mother got a large helping of mashed potatoes except he didn't take any.(he didn't like potatoes)
    His mother and father enjoyed the taste of the mashed potatoes and one thing led to another and they became cannibals.
    He ran away later to the Order of the Cunningham(been there since he was 7).
    Once he grew up he became a caretaker there.
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