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    Flora Madhowl

    Alias: The What Now?

    Gender: Male

    Race: Eastern Witch Elf

    Age: 41

    Alignment: Lawful Neutral

    Profession: Astral Carnomagus

    Power Rating: Everything and Nothing

    Description: He is pale-skinned with cold-colored eyes, like bits of jade, and tentacles instead of hair. He is very tall, and of graceful build.

    He recently acquired a bevy of new features, both physical and non, which I shall list thusly:

    Cat ears and a tail.
    Eagles wings growing from his shoulders, and digitigrade eagle talons in place of feet.
    Ghostly mud chains hanging off his shoulders. They don't slow him down any, but they do rattle annoyingly.
    He now has a soundtrack playing whenever he dances, appropriate to the dance he's attempting.
    He is now very clever, but only when breaking things under legal circumstances.
    He can now fight as well as whoever his opponent may be, matching their strength and skill flawlessly.
    There is a scar on the back of one hand in the shape of a ring.
    He is haunted by ghosts constantly. They don't really do much, and he can't see them, but they're there.

    Personality: He's a gentleman, but his demeanor bring to mind the image of a curious squirrel.

    1. Infernal Thunderous Bastard Sword of Voidness Barrier
    2. Vorpal Gauntlet of Sylvan Kindness Hand,
    3. Bracer of the Spell of Ooze,
    4. Saintly Helm of Transform Inversion,
    5. Exceptional Spectres' Shirt of Lizard Seeking,
    6. Sturdy Shoes of Dust Cloud,
    7. Dragons' Pants of Slime Circles,
    8. Pendant of the Glorified Incatation of Negate Bone.

    Innocent Annihilator's Manual,
    Minor Dwarf's Bag,
    487 Spectral Credits,
    1. Pipes of Nothing and Curing,
    2. Cunning Fish's Braizer,
    3. Hellish Vorpal Bar of Cold.
    4. Endless Dragon's Balm of Conjure Health
    5. Fortuitous Immovable Salve
    6. Unspeakable Icy Lotion of the Happy Lord's Charm of Cold

    1. Black Brew
    2. Brew of Thought Orb
    3. Brew of the Spell of Blocking Conjuration
    4. Chaotic Potion
    5. Draught of Silver Breath
    6. Dwarven Elves' Potion
    7. Good Triton's Elixir of Kill Fish
    8. Illuminated Runed Potion
    9. Brew of Gold Wall
    10. Minor potion of Savage Agility
    11. Philter of Drake Seeking
    12. Philter of the Chameleon
    13. Potion of Demonic Ether
    14. Savage Icy Drink of Energy Hands
    15. Barbaric Writer's Tonic of Lava Hand
    16. Dwarven Runed Drink of Nothing Shields
    17. Otherworldly Drink of Haunted Wolves
    18. Philter of Kraken Seduction
    19. Philter of Endless Sadism
    20. Philter of Fire and Strangulation

    Abilities: Fungus Magic. This magical style focuses on force. It requires names of power, avoiding any contact with the target, a special magical sword, and heightened emotions. This style of magic ages the caster at an high rate. Flora avoids some of these requirements by virtue of being forced to cast, no matter the circumstances he's under.

    Back Story: This odd being was born during a game of craps played by the Random Number Gods. Flora has no control over his own actions, everything being decided for him by the roll of the divine dice. He's more or less accepting of this, but wishes his actions were just a bit less silly from time to time.

    Misc.: Because of the intricacies of... Fungus magic, Flora has a rather eclectic spell list. Their effects range from entirely silly to surprisingly functional, and he sometimes manages to pull off something amazing despite the limits of his magical field.

    His spells can change, almost from day to day, but his current spell list (in order of least to most powerful) includes the following:

    1. Overwhelming Rite of the Mucus Fairy
    2. Hellish Yarn Blob
    3. Astonishing Torus of Crossdressing
    4. Illusionary Evocation of Immaturity
    5. Occult Spell of Hair
    6. Luminous Fertlizer Warp
    7. Astrological Transfiguration of the Wrestlers
    8. Flaming Ritual of Blathering
    9. Magical Incantation of Bacon
    10. Cabalistic Enchantment of the Editors
    11. Divine Ceremony of the Butter Spirit
    12. Grand Enchantment of the Goth
    13. Erruption of Milk
    14. Induce Irregularity
    15. Occult Chant of the Hummus Angel
    16. Invoke Female Impersonator
    17. Aura of Drooling
    18. Champaigne Zone
    19. Maelstrom of Nervousness
    20. Unbelievable Disc of Silliness

    Combat Spells:

    1. Caffene Assault
    2. Cheese Storm
    3. Cause Toejam
    4. Induce Flatulence
    5. Summon Juice Devil
    6. Armor of Athlete's Foot
    7. Dread Shield of Cream
    8. Hermetic Sphere of Cotton Candy
    9. Overwhelming Puddle of Whining
    10. Great Jet of Deoderant
    11. Ultimate Ball of Stupidity
    12. Vortex of Cola
    13. Jet of Back Pain
    14. Burning Evocation of the Sweat Demon
    15. Holy Enchantment of Low Self-Esteem
    16. Infernal Beam of Impoliteness
    17. Overwhelming Incantation of Inconvenience
    18. Great Spray of Meat
    19. Ultimate Chant of Bile
    20. Damned Chant of Confetti
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