Two new sales to update you on:

First, for "Cyber Monday," Nov. 28 only, it's free shipping (economy shipping only) on orders over $40. Coupon Code: SHOPNOV28

After that, Tuesday through Thursday, Nov. 29 to Dec. 1, it's 15% off orders of $45 or more. Coupon Code: ADEC1145

Now, that second sale is a far, FAR better deal than free economy shipping. If you're reading this and planning on ordering, I highly recommend not ordering on Monday and instead placing your order on Tuesday. "Economy shipping" only costs about $5.25 for one item plus $0.50 for every additional item anyway. This means that 15% off will almost always be more savings once you go past the $40 mark anyway, and could potentially be much more if you really had a lot of items you were buying.