Day 53 - Proportionally better

So, I spent the last several days digesting all seven of the amazing anatomy tutorials that Silviya linked to in Thanqol's drawthread. They were, in short, exactly the studies that I was looking for. I'm so thankful for these, they have been nothing if not eye-opening on all the stuff I haven't figured out on my own (read: pretty much everything).

So! Here is my second first attempt at putting what I've read and seen into practice. The first one looked similar, but as soon as I finished I realized I made the poor guy like 3 and a half heads wide instead of two and a half, and he looked like he had eaten a small volkswagon.

This guy is my first real attempt at proportions and some rough musculature while thinking I know what I'm doing. He is 8 heads tall, 2.5 heads wide. His arms and legs are their proper lengths and I FINALLY have a good point of reference on where to take the hands down (and finger length as well). He doesn't have a face and I only draw the shape of the feet, but I did give him modesty hulkpants, and I am really pretty happy with how this turned out.

Also as I side note, I've been pretty pleased with this brush thickness from the last few days. For some bizarre reason a 45px brush on a 300ppi A4 canvas just feels right.

Gonna try and get some poses and different angles out tomorrow, but this is has been a groundbreaking step for me today, I believe. (Of course this is an open invitation to tear it all down around me if I have just missed the point completely)