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I have no idea what would be the problem; my understanding is that the UK and CA sites are exactly the same as the US one, in terms of sales and such. Does your order contain any of the "excluded items" from the fine print?

I don't know what coupon codes may be coming down the pike after this one, they don't tell me until a day before they start. In previous years, they had a coupon or sale every day until Christmas, but as you can see with the Cyber Monday sale, some of them are subpar.
I have the two ornaments and a T-shirt in my basket, last year's order looked much the same (well, there were more ornaments). That's what confused me as well, last year's coupon was accepted without a hitch for the same product categories

I guess I'll just wait a bit longer and see what's up next/if one of the next coupons works. Should push come to shove, I'll order without a coupon, but if I can get one to work it'd be nice (the order is for me, but it's a present from someone else, so if I can use a coupon they'll appreciate it and I think it's the least I can do).
For now I'll say thank you for your time, and I'll report back how the next one(s) work