Update 65



It has begun! Let the people rejoice! So far, Moffette and Charity have been seen in the thread.

[Mother-Soon's Journey]

Renetta discovered her home forest on a map and asked Waterstrider to escort her there. He agreed at once, despite his foreboding that she would stay there and he'd never see her again. When they arrived, her parents Ardrim and Lydia were thrilled to see her, but ashamed of Waterstrider, and hoping to hide her pregnancy from others. Her mother even insisted that the child be adopted out. She locked Renetta in her room, but Waterstrider broke in through the window and held her all night, and Renetta finally admitted that she was in love with him.

Her uncle Gamaliel was there in the morning when Renetta and Waterstrider were discovered together. He did not approve of Waterstrider either as a partner for his niece, but he was furious at his brother for locking Rettie up after everything she'd been through, and for separating her from the person who made her feel safe. He reminded Ardrim of the Wolfen lifespan, and that as long as they stayed on good terms with Renetta, she'd be back home in a few decades.

The couple stayed at Gamaliel's the next night, and he offered to help Renetta end her pregnancy, in the belief that once that was done, she would be able to put everything behind her, and become less dependant on Waterstrider. She refused, insisting that she loved the baby already, and he was reminded of how Renetta's parents had married young, against his advice, because Lydia was pregnant.

Renetta parted with her family on good, if somewhat tense, terms, and Gamaliel promised to send messengers regularly to help the family keep in touch. After they left, Waterstrider told Renetta that he could tell, based on scent, that Gamaliel and his human servant Paul were lovers. She was shocked, knowing that the secret relationship was doubly taboo in their culture, but then deciding it was good that he had someone to love him.

The couple is now trying to reach Waterstrider's tribe in time for the Winter Moon festival.

[Charlie's Plot]

Interrogation of the prisoners and pursuit of Charlie is on hold until player energy is freed up.

[Whisper's Plot]

This plot has also gone on hiatus.

[The Sacred Order of Arnold Cunningham]

Continues to be nice. They continue to negotiate with the vampires to try and bring back the sun in Riverside.

The Westside Children's Home is acquiring more PCs, of both caretakers and orphans. All of them are unaware that one of the new orphans, named Tor, is the mind of Rot in a human (and alive!) child's body.


[Basil Finch]

The minotaur civil servant is providing information about the bounty on Feia to Ghoul.

[1st Lt Alice Delisle]

Having a PTSD attack offscreen.

[The Applehill Family]

Brand has helped Myrim settle in at GLoG and learned that the three shy elves he's seen around are ex-slaves. He intends to talk to them.

Lily and Tito seem to be recovering well from the ordeal, though Tito retains a bit more fear and caution. Possibly because he witnessed Waterstrider losing is paw, or possibly just because he's more sensible. Lily is much more adventurous and wild, and has a childhood crush on both of her Wolfen friends.

Pansy has assured Waterstrider that they'll always think of the Wolfen brothers as family.

After speaking to the ex-slaves and learning of the horrors of the Hermitage, Brand and a plot clone of Waterstrider went to Watchtower to try and get more information. After speaking to Wenomir and Cessie, they learned the name of the cult, and the Watch members believe that Terrowin has been lying to them. Wenomir suggested using the Observatory to try and locate the Hermitage.

At GLoG, Lily was absolutely devastated that Waterstrider was leaving with Renetta, but was comforted when he gave her a braid from his mane as a promise that he would return. She gave him a braid as well, but after he left, became a gloomy storm of misery. Tito reacted differently, mocking his sister and feigning indifference about the likelihood of Waterstrider being taken again by slavers or killed by a pumpkin monster.

[Charity Evans]

Evacuating civilians on Distraction Street

[Charlotta and Lottie]



Darcy is at Sakura's wedding, in a blue dress. She looks pretty. Engaged in tail-wrestling with Ilpholin and it was not at all naughty!

[Decker the Catgirl]


[Elias Larmette]



Being a rat

[Gus Acre / Jake Stevenson]

With Gus refusing to come front until his concussion is gone, Jake found himself with extra time and went to see Vasquez. He found her having doubts and worrying that she was losing her edge. He didn't have any answers for her, so he just held her until she fell asleep. Later he ran across the note from Magtok warning her that Gus was a hypnotised assassin, but he didn't read it because that would be a breach of honour.

[Leah Loveman] and Lob]

About to go on their first mission. Maybe?

[Missy] aka Submission-in-Adversity-Brings-Peace Halifax

Went into Accelerant Mode while fighting at the barricade, using her wired reflexes as well as drugs to act at Ludicrous Speed, seeing the world as if it were in slow motion. She destroyed the monster by throwing the overheated beam cannon at it. Her suit then forced her into Decelerant mode and marched her back to the infirmary, where she'll spend weeks recovering from the brutal effects of acceleration. A healer is speaking to her now, and advising her that she doesn't always need to be a soldier.


Moff 4 got genderbent by Moff 8's Die Cane of Wonder and the two Moffette's ended up in the Thanksmas thread. They ended up flirting heavily with Wolfy Claws and eventually both getting Die Cane's, though 8's has a sword built in. Also something about a robot tank that Moffette sent to attack Reinholdt, for no other reason than that he was undeadtimed and in the thread. Moff 4 doesn't even know who he is, or that the box Reinholdt is sitting on holds a Magtok.


Met Mr Viima and convinced him that it was safe for him to live at NO. Is returning to NPC mode now.

[Sunny Evans] (she kept her maiden name)

Sent Stheno to pick up Magtok to have a birthday dinner at her new home.

[Tia Eiranikos]

Working at the Children's Home in Inside.

[Vino D'Angelis]

Still trying to escape the haunted house.

[Winslow Warwick] and family

Should probably get around to doing the Riverside Magmart grand opening prank with Tom. Still.




Anyone without an entry is idle and doing stuff offscreen.

Character list:

1st Lt Alice Delisle
Brand Applehill and family
Charity Evans
Charlotta and Lottie
Dag Ingasson
Darcy Turtle Brightember
Lady Dekaros of the Sixth Circle, Marchesa of War (Decker the Younger)
Decker the Catgirl
Elias Larmette
Dr Ferris Fitzhenry
Gamaliel and Paul
George Shackleton
Gus Acre
Hannah Snow
Jake Stevenson
Lorraine Godolphin
Leah Loveman
Missy Halifax
Moff Four
Moff Thirteen
Molly Fitzhenry
Ostari Elves
Peter Raven
Rilayne aka Crazy Aunt Riley
Simone Isandwana
Sunny Evans
The Trickster
Vasilisa and family
Vinicio D'Angelis
Winslow Warwick and family