Ch 9 Shout outs ahoy.

Everyone can learn this. I'm taking it, so the trainers at that bridge can't. Grumbles let's see you complain about the power to charm any lady off her feet, or flippers, or whatever they have.
Back in my day we didn't need magical mind control to get the ladies, except for HSOWA. No way a Wailord would let a Skitty beat it without mind control.

*sigh* Might as well make the best of it.

Um..... good to know?

Shouldn't you be fighting zombies?

For Pacifism!

You thought not what?

They scare us all.

That's great I guess.

I swear if I hear one word about a Rattata in the top percent, I will have Endo infest it.


My Dad was and could still be a champion.

*yawn* Good night Mr.shroom.

I don't need a boyfriend to feel good about myself.

Ah I remember the days when I didn't have a trainer barking orders. Seem like a distant memory.
You better not be going senile

*sigh* Magical mind control powers activate.
Nidoran female *Swoon*
Put a little effort into it.
Oh fine. Listen baby. I know it seems all sad that you have the poison point ability and no one can hug you right?
*Nods vigorously*
Well as a poison type, I can't be poisoned.

Call me mistress. And we'll have a fun day

Grumbles bite!

I do not want to see that. Ugh! Grumbles bite again

Bad Grumbles, you don't do that. Even if it's the hottest thing I've ever seen

You are aware that the two Nidoran are about to have a baby. And you just ruined their relationship.
Back in my day we didn't have relationship's just one night stands! And we liked it!

Um okay.

Yeah. I'm going to go thank him for cribbing Lanette's storage system apparently.

Oh, that. I think I broke up your girlfriends pokemon.


Great a fortune teller.

So you risked your pokemon's life to fulfill the future.


My friend has many strong and smart pokemon apparently, which he needs.

Shouldn't you be co commanding the Order of the stick.

Mommy can she be my wifey too!
Miss you're pretty!
Nope she's Grumbles wifey

Your life force is so sexy.
Okay Mr.shroom you know best

So so sexy.
Yeah that stops here, Grumbles tell it to let Endo infest it.
Back in my day we weren't commanded by giant shrooms! And we liked it! *sigh* Slave let Endo infest you!

Take me! Oh shroomy masters!
Okay Mr.shroom!

Kill it!!!!!!!!
Nope, Grumbles stop complaining. You'll get more girls then you could ever want.
*sigh* I'm sick and tired of being used as comedy.

Yup, yup you can cry on my shoulder all night long.

Let me kill it
*sigh* Fine, Pidgey listen to him.
Kill yourself!!!!!!
And then you'll love me!
*sigh* I guess. I'm going to take a nap.

Listen, I like not being ruled over by a epic level Lich sorcerer. Please return to OOTS

I don't have one. Don't make me make Grumbles return you to OOTS.

That's convenient.

A Clefairy greeted me at the door, and let me into the lobby, but she seemed wrong. She had patches of brown hair, and the skin on her left arm was coming off.
Hello, Who are you?
My name is Melinda, and I'm looking for Bill.
Oh okay I'll tell Daddy, you're looking for him!

What was that?
That Clefairy that has pieces of skin coming off.
Well at first I was conducting an experiment to see the effects of Clefables cute charm on humans, then when specimen number 1 came out, I decided to see the effects of cross human pokemon children.
If Azaroth were here, she'd snap his neck.

I'd appreciate it if you could keep my...experiment between us. Some other people may not be as understanding as you.

Next update is Misty. What level should I grind to for her? She has a

Lv 18 Staryu, Lv 21 Starmie

In addition next update I can catch a Meowth. Names and personalities would are welcome.

Also I got a secret power tm. Anyone can learn it. Who should?

Comments are welcome.

My personal side comment. How come no ones commented on the potential horror, of sereval level 50's running around free, and 6 level 60 plus. Level 70's can make seas of fire. And Arceus itself is level 80.