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    Whatever the old man said, he ignores it. The feeble human could never comprehend the superiority of Irken capabilities to his own crude failingness! He will have no trouble at all! "I am a fully trained Invader and Infiltrator! And when I find them, I will ram my ovipositor down their throat and lay my eggs in their chest. My human eggs! Because I'm not an alien!" He needs the information the old man had! How can he possibly take over as Lord and Master of the Earth if he was unable to locate the area where the rulers congregate?

    The fact that he's willing to act so recklessly on such questionable information should tell you all you need to know about his next action.

    He ignores her, dragging her a little to the left so that a ball hits her in the face instead of him, then with a slightly awkward movement kicks it without losing his position, sending it rocketing like a bullet to impact sharply against Gary's face with a slightly sickening crunch that sends him sprawling. Another ball hits him in the chest to make sure he stays down. Gary is on his team, but that doesn't matter to him. Dissension in the ranks will not be tolerated in any regard. Hence summary, applied discipline, make an example, then resume dealing with the enemy. Souske is reacting as he was trained to react under pressure, and is turning the game into a war. One of the first things he learned was to show no mercy to enemy combatants. Souske has a lot of confirmed kills, and the sort of instincts that are horrendously out of place in a civilian environment.

    His own team is giving him as wide a berth as possible after noting how he dealt with Gary, but it doesn't matter. At the rate he's going he'll have taken the entire other team out of commission in no time at all.
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