Souske isn't playing fair. Not that Cass knows what the rules of dodgeball are, exactly, but judging from everybody else's body language-including the teacher-he wasn't playing fair. And they were on the same team, too...

This seemed like a fun game too. Even if everybody on both teams wasn't very good at it. Including Souske. Who while obviously trained and very good...wasn't Shiva. Or Black Canary. And was armed. In the school.

Also unfair. Steph refused to let her come out of the dorms with so much as a Batarang or shuriken or anything. She'd tell Steph this next time they saw each other. Whenever that was. She couldn't read her schedule.

Cass picks up one of the stray balls, and throws it vaguely in the other team's direction. It goes high and wide, too, so that none of the other team can catch it. Of course, its purpose wasn't to hit anyone on the other team, either. It ricochets off the corner between ceiling and floor, heading down at a highly steep angle, and slams into Souske's head from nearly 90 degrees.