Liz glad that she has been let go walks towards the benches, helping Gary along the way. Patti once more has her head in the game and starts throwing balls as hard as she can. Kid to make sure that he is not outed with the rest of his team is uses the great accuracy that he got from practicing with the sisters gun forms and picks up two balls. He throws one so that it will intercept Patti's ball in mid-air and throws the other at Cassandra.


Soul's head jerks back up from the nap he had been taking at Bella's remark. He then looks around for Light before settling his eyes on Bella. "Where did the smarmy pretty boy go? And who's the flat chest?" Maka knowing that Soul's rudeness tended to get on other people's nerves stomps his foot hard so that Soul has to throw his hands over his mouth to prevent himself from screaming out loud. Maka then turns to Bella with a smile and says, "Don't worry about Soul. He has the tendency to throw that word around when a girl doesn't measure up to his standards. I'm Maka Albarn, and you are?" While she is speaking to the girls she attempts to use her Soul Perception to try and see her soul and what she is like.