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    Gary Bell


    Gary gets knocked to the ground by Sousuke's retaliation, and stays there, arms shielding his head, until Liz helps him get up.

    "Im fine. A-Okay."

    As he walks to the bench with Liz, he pulls away, his entire body posture withdrawn.

    "That guy–Souske, his name is Souske Sagara, twenty likes on MyFace–has a real attitude problem."

    He ***** his head to the side, flicking his finger through the air. Is that a government database file? It's password protected. Multiple passwords

    "Huh." Gary remarks in a flat tone of voice. "I think he's a secret agent. Like me, except I'm more polite, and I don't hit people."

    Some people think Hacking is a matter of pounding a keyboard really quickly, guessing passwords based on pure luck, or fighting evil virtual reality agents in cyberspace.

    But truly, most Hacking relies upon the immutable nature of software in that even the most refined and streamlined programs have extra bits of code tacked on, backdoors, holes, flaws, and hidden features left by their original programmers.

    Being able to perceive and interpret the entire electromagnetic spectrum, Gary's really good at 'seeing' these backdoors.

    Gary 'fiddles' in the air with his left hand, and tries to hack into Souske's government files.

    Leavenworth Smedry

    "Now, now Zim! Libraries are more dangerous than you can possibly imagine! And the Ashford Library is too major a branch to be infiltrated without a good plan! Even if you're an alien!"

    The Old Smedry pauses, rubbing his chin in thought.

    "Although...I've been meaning to do an infiltration of the local branch for some time now..."

    He smiles to himself.

    "Yes...yes, that could work...but Rattling Rothfusses, I've let myself get distrasted! You're absolutely right, Lelouch! We should be learning some History!"

    He walks over to the table full of haphazardly piled book and pulls out the book 'Chronicles of the Scrivener'.

    "Now then: in order to understand why the World is mostly controlled by an Evil Cult of Librarians, one must understand their beginnings..

    It's no coincidence that the True History of the World, and the Librarian Created History diverges in 1492, around the time of the first Spanish Expeditions to the New World, where Christopher Columbus sailed from Spain with Three Ships, then was joined by a larger Fleet from the Kingdom of Southern Merelandria, containing a Contingent of Dinosaur Ambassadors on a goodwill mission to the New World."

    Smedry pauses for dramatic effect.

    "For it was in that year that the man known as Biblioden, the Scrievener..."

    He holds up his book, opened to a picture of a man dressed in Renaissance Clothing, holding a lantern in one hand, a book in the other, glowering, and wearing a pair of horn-rimmed glasses.

    "Also known as the First Librarian, first came to prominence."
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