This wasn't history. It was the babblings of a lunatic who had his mind overwhelmed by far too much childrens day-time television. But what the hell. If maintaining his perfect GPA meant running along with it, then so be it.
"Wait a moment. Let's express why, rather then what, for now." He says. "Lets assume that somehow an organization managed to induct every single librarian into it's ranks, regardless or race, place or creed, and said librarians consist entirely of (highly competent) power-brokers, politicians, criminals, assassins and organizers, all of whom have managed to maintain this conspiracy without ever, at any point, revealing their affiliation or even it's existence, and are immoral enough to embrace the hypocrisy of running a place devoted to sharing information while at the same time gleefully breaking these principles." He pauses a moment, letting that sink in. "Now let's assume that they found common purpose sufficient to actually work together enough to be somewhat sufficient, despite the enormous range of conflicting goals in such a massive organization, and have the influence to prevent publishing entirely, not simply preserving some books." he pauses again, letting this sink in as well.
"If this conspiracy is as powerful and pervasive as you say, how the hell did you get a job teaching about it at school? Furthermore, if the entire principle is controlling information to influence people into a sort of herd-control by controlling the flow of information, why are they still librarians when consumer media and electronic mass-media is far more powerful and influential to the vast majority of people, and most libraries are being closed down due to lack of funding? Surely it does not make sense. And more to the point, why bother to maintain such an intricate network? It's not an efficient use of resources, particularly when the Brittanian Empire is so widely spread. And what's more, if they aren't aware of that, then they aren't competent enough to hope to run such an organization."

Light Yagami
Light nodded meekly, the very image of a submissive lower-class citizen resigned to his lot in life. Kira on the other hand sneered. Let them believe whatever they wanted. If they had any idea who he was and what he was capable of, they'd tremble at the thought of earning his displeasure. he knew their type, entitled, believing themselves superior, prepared to coast on the backs of the hard work of the better people. Despicable, hardly better then the criminal scum he found himself wading through constantly.
They had no more place in the world he was building then the rest of the criminals. But for now, he'd leave them. Let them realize it, give them the chance to change. He was god, he could be merciful if he chose. He gave them a chance, and could take it away.
Light approved of the Brittanian Empire, because the Empire approved of Kira. Indeed, when confronted by him they'd embraced him, and the world he was trying to create, promising to ensure that in all their territories were shown as for him. But while he approved of them in principal, he found many of the individuals abhorrent.

Misa Yagami
"You're one to talk, Nimue." She replied lightly, mentioning her real name as though it was nothing particularly important or worth keeping hidden. Misa had no knowledge of Arthurian myth beyond the Disney animation, so had no idea that there were any vilainesses in it besides Morgan Le Fay. In short, the significance of the name is lost on her. Despite this, her look is intensifying. Another wild-card interrupting Light's well ordered schemes. She'd have to do something about that...