Leavenworth Smedry

{When Lelouch actually runs into some Evil Librarians, he's going to be so pissed off at the world}

Leavenworth Smedry, Grand Occulator, Agent of the Free Kingdoms, and Perpetual Latecomer, raises his bushy eyebrows as Lelouch launches into tirade of passionate, reasoned arguments...which are all totally wrong, of course.

"Nuthering Nixes, my dear boy! That's quite the inquisitive mind you have there!"

Leavenworth Smedry sits down on a nearby armchair, leg casually crossed over his knee: he's quite spry for an old man (has to be, considering).

"Let me address a few of your points, if you don't mind." He says, raising his fingers as he talks.

"Firstly, the lady at the counter of the surface of a library may call herself a librarian, but that doesn't make her a Capitol L Librarian: you can usually tell who the actual Evil Librarians Cultists are by their choice of glasses, their tweed suits, and their love of tormenting an innocent populace."

"Secondly, you are quite astute in calling into question the Evil Librarian's general unity...they are divided into several factions–The Dark Occulators, the Scrivener's Bones, the Order of the Standard, the Order of the Shattered Lens, the Special Operations Division of the British Library– and even though they cooperate in waging war against the Free Kingdoms and oppressing an unknowing populace, they often backstab each other in their pursuit of power."

"Thirdly...I got this job through subterfuge and trickery, my boy! I'm a Smedry, in fact, an Agent of the Free Kingdoms! And, I humbly admit, I'm quite good at my job! In fact once, when in an undercover assignment, I tricked a group of Senior Librarians into thinking I was me!"

"Fourthly...if you think about it, it's quite insidious: the Librarians have manipulated your culture so that people actually believe that Electronic Media is More Advanced than Books... "More Advanced Than Books": of all the absurdities!!! I wouldn't have believed people could swallow such a falsehood if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes! But it's still brilliant in a sinister way: people tricked into using primitive technologies, and all the while, less and less people actually try to venture inside libraries..."

Leavenworth leans back in his chair and sighs.

"But I can tell that's not what's truly perturbing you, Mr. Lelouch. It's not these little details that make you doubt my story: you don't believe me, truly, because you think that the idea of a Cult of Evil Librarians that Secretly Rule the World is a tad silly. "

He steeples his fingers.

"Tell me: have you ever read the works of Plato? "The Republic", specifically?"