Actually, were Lelouch to discover such an organization existed, he'd put them to work. Though he'd first put them to better use. Then again, even the most open minded person would think Smedry was delusional. It certainly sounded like a paranoids fantasy, seeing threats and dangers everywhere. [COLOR="Purple"]"So you are telling me that the first thing you did upon getting an under-cover position for the sake of infiltration is brazenly declare the best kept secret in the world?" He says incredulously. Again, Smedry wasn't acting like a secret agent, he was acting like a dangerous schizophrenic looking for approval. Lelouch has seen things he can't explain, but they all have their own internal logic. This is more of a fixation on an idea, then ignoring the parts of the world that don't fit.
"Assuming this is all true, and I'm not saying it is, then everyone in this class is in considerable danger, and most of them are probably unable to defend themselves, and furthermore if any of us have any sympathies to the evil librarians you've just compromised yourself too, all for absolutely no benefit. And you say you're good at your job? I can't even comprehend how bad the others must be if this is seen as a good way to start."
He's a force of rationality that will not be stayed and not be stopped. "Secondly, yes, hard-copies are more durable and safe then electronic data, however I wasn't talking about which is more advanced, I was talking about which one has more influence. Keeping information from people is useless, unless said information is dangerous, but controlling which information goes to which people allows you to control the subject. By not utilizing other forms of the information network, regardless of how advanced they may or may not be, they have essentially lost any way of remaining relevant. Unless the purpose is to keep information from people, at which point they can hardly be said to rule the world." He pauses for breath. He's taking this a little personally, the way rational people tend to when they are confronted with the idea that science is just another world for superstition, and they really don't know anything.
The idea that the world is controlled by librarians, that everything that happened is not simply a matter of nationalism and Imperialism, that entire cultures being unmade and countries conquered is all the machinations of librarians is simply too much for him to accept anyone believing, and so he can't let it rest, much as he knows it would be intelligent to.
"So yes, for all these reasons, and many others, the idea that a Illuminati of librarians rules the world is ridiculous. I am willing to accept that the possibility of an Illuminati exists, and it might even harbor Librarians in it's numbers, but the idea that they consist entirely of a glorified librarian Trade Union is impossible. And finally, Plato was a dolt whose only value to the field of philosophy was transcribing Socrates and teaching Aristotle what not to do."

Light Yagami
No man creates himself in isolation, and no man is an island. Kira was perfection, but Light Yagami was not Kira all the time. He couldn't be.
Every morning Kira ceased to be, and every night he was reborn. It was a simple process for Light Ygami to do away with his alter ego. There was no magical change, no illusion or dark spell involved. It never even took a mask, all he needed was the note, and the right frame of mind. And yet, perhaps that was the danger. Because Light Yagami was the mask for Kira. And Light Yagami was a weakness. One Kira couldn't afford.
He'd escaped the suspicion, the investigation, all of it. He was making progress, crime was down seventy percent, war was all but eliminated, and
more and more countries were accepting Kira as justice.
He walks over to his room in the dormitories, intending to hide his Death Note. It's temporary, but if he's being observed he can't risk carrying it with him. He was reckless to bring it at all.