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    An unusually good shot, he'd lasted a while, but been one of the many taken out by Souske's one-man rampage on the dodgeball courts. He takes it pretty well, unlike many others it was only a glancing blow, so he's not injured or stunned. His prides not even injured.

    He goes and sits on the benches, at the back of the line, and hopes they can move on to something he excels at, such as archery or track, rather then this. Then he starts. Nobody else noticed, but he saw what Cassandra did. She'd perfectly calculated three bounces Souske like that. He could barely do it, and she'd done it so casually. Something was strange about her. It would bare watching...

    He recognizes that look. That look means he can answer the question, or forget any hopes of actually getting through to them today. So he sighs, and crouches down a little. "Well, if you want a simple answer, that's easy." He says, and smiles reassuringly. It's not human, but it still manages to be comforting. "I'm human. Completely. My appearance is caused by a fluctuation in adaptive genetics, but from a strictly cellular level my tissue is all human. Well, except for a few density differences and pigmentation, obviously. I'm structured differently, my performance is beyond any human athlete, and my fine motor skills are impeccable. No, I'm not giving a demonstration."

    "Now as to why, well that's a different question entirely, and one that I couldn't answer. I can tell you the results, but not the cause of such an extreme anomaly as myself. Nor what it means. Maybe I'm some degree of throwback, maybe I'm the next step in human evolution, maybe I'm a genetic dead-end. It's not really important to me, I don't let it define who I am. And nor should any of you."
    He looks at them all, peering over the top of his half-moon spectacles, and for the first time the scene feels vaguely surreal.

    "Anyway, that's enough of that for now. The simple answer. I'll give the complex answer in period three, for those of you who have biology. For those of you who don't have the class but want to learn about the subject anyway, feel free to show up, however I will still expect you to do the work. Now, if I could please have a volunteer?"
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