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I have a question, about Control Weather: what replaces it as the 7th level air domain spell? I was also wondering, what was your reasoning behind making it accessible only as a ritual, when spells such as control wind and control water are not rituals.
That is an excellent question; one which I hadn't considered. I think I'll replace it with Wind Walk.

Control Weather has a significantly longer duration and wider area than either Control Wind or Control Water. It's the kind of spell that can alter the weather in a small region, whereas the other two are much more localized and short-term. It just feels more epic than the other two; the type of thing that would require a ritual rather than just a spell. It's also higher level. Rituals were a way for me to include higher-level spells without making them something every caster could rattle off multiple times per day. I originally was going to eliminate it completely, since I wanted the weather (and natural processes in general) to be more uncontrolled, but I thought it should at least remain an option, if a difficult one. Control Wind and Control Water couldn't ultimately have much of an effect on a major storm or cold snap, but Control Weather could.