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    Isabaella seems a bit disappointed by this answer but nods understandingly anyways. None of the NPCs make any effort to volunteer.



    Mr. Oliver has finally seen enough. He blows a whistle to stop the game. "Souske, while I appreciate your dedication another stunt like that will get you sent to the Principal's office. Now it's almost second bell, go shower and change before the next class."



    Alice chuckles to herself as she watches Lelouch argue with the teacher. The irony of a former Prince arguing about secret world ruling cults was quite enjoyable.



    By now Misa should notice something else of interest as she looks at CC's name. There is no number for her life span instead there is simply a symbol, an elongated V with protrusions that vaguely resemble wings. C.C's eyes widen as she dives at Misa. "That name, no one has said it in hundreds of years. How did you know it?"

    It's at this point that Light makes his way to the Dormitory.
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