With two nods and a bow(from Kid) to Mr.Oliver the trio head to the gender appropriate showers. After cleaning the grime from their bodies and slipping into their regular clothes instead of their gym clothes. As they exit Liz says, "Man what is up with that Souske guy. To think that I thought that he was cute!" Patti nods in agreement with her sister, "Yeah! He was a big 'ol meanie head!" Kid sighs as he pats both girls on the shoulders.


Stephanie's outburst is acknowledged by someone as Soul looks up to see the attactive girl. "Finally someone in this class who isn't as flat as an ironing board. Names Soul Evans, and you are?" Hearing Beast speak he sighs as he says, "Hold that thought. Yo, teach I'll volunteer" The apathetic look on his face speaks volumes of how bored he is.

(Did you catch my last post Darkblade? Maka was speaking to Bella in it.)