Gary Bell

Gary emerges from the locker room wearing school clothes.

"He's probably angry because of being in a confined environment for extended periods of time and adjusting to different pressure. Because he's a submariner. That's what it says right here. "Tuatha de Danaan Division. That's from Celtic Mythology."

Leavenworth Smedry

"Oh, I know that none of you are agents for the Librarians. Why do you think I chose to teach this class? I've swept the room for bugs, removed all the light bulbs just in case they contain Communicator's Glass...this place is as secure as can be. Unless there's someone with Fogger's Lenses standing in this room unnoticed, but anyways..."

His eyebrows crinkle in quite thought. "That's part of the reason of why I'm here: to show you all the truth. And what you do with this truth is up to you. You could choose to examine this world, investigate what lies beneath could (though I wouldn't recommend it a this point in your life) choose to fight against the Evil grand-nephew's about your ageľa good ladľand he's done many remarkable things...or you could ignore all this hullaboo about Evil Librarians and Dark Conspiracies as being completely contrary to your world view, and continue to live your life as you wish."

He leans back in his comfy armchair.

"The reason I brought up Plato, you see, is because of his Cave Analogyľnot because all that nonsense about perfect Slices of Cheesecake, mind you.

He told a story about a set prisoner chained up in a dark cave from infancy onward, heads bound so that they could only look in one direction. A fire behind them cast shadows upon the walls they faced, and this was all the prisoners ever knew. To them, the shadows weretheir world.

But one day a prisoner was released, and he saw that the world was much more than just shadows, that it was much strange and more vivid and more complex than he'd ever imagined it could be. But when he returned and tried to tell his friends about it, none of them believed in this world he described, because it didn't fit with the life they'd always known."

Smedry takes off his red-tinted glasses, revealing clear blue eyes, focused and intense.

"You Hushlanders are those prisoner in the cave. Through no fault of your own, all that you've seen are shadows: thus no matter how logical my arguments are*, they'll seem like nonsense to you. Thus, I can't convince you that the World is Ruled By a Cult of Evil Librarians with just words."

He leans forward, an wide, mischievous smile on his face.

"But I can show you."