C 725
while a full class workup is a bit much; I can provide some useful seeds for building such a class;
The simplest way to build such a thing would be to use the cleric domain lists from 3.5 or pathfinder.
Have the arcanist pick 2 at start; and he gains the powers of the list; and the ability to 1/day spell-like use the spells from each domain that he's a high enough level to cast (ie each level's domain spell is a 1/day ability once they're high enough level to cast them); and they auto learn those spells in case they want to use their regular slots to cast them too.
If you use the domain lists from pathfinder, they have a few more extra powers per domain; those might fit your needs better than the 3.5 domain powers.
I'm sure you can work out a suitable spells/day progression yourself; just use some 0's so that they can use the domain spell-likes a level or two before they can cast spells of that level (barring int bonuses to spells/day pumping it up)

all other base numbers are easy to copy frmo existing casters.