Sebastian smiles at C.C right up until Misa says 'Nimue.' Up until that point, a code-bearer was just some mildly interesting bit he'd have to look out for. Something to mention to Light as he pressed the shirts. Now it wasn't just any code bearer; it was a very old one, with quite a bit of power to back it up. And a history worth knowing. Still, nothing to get upset over.

"I have no idea what you mean, Nimue, I am merely one hell of a butler."
He slides his hand onto Misa's shoulder, "Lady Amani? Light wouldn't want you antagonizing people." And he would hate to have to unveil all his power now, in what would assuredly be a massive brawl that, while he could win..meaning he could bring her down long enough for Light to escape, would mean nothing but trouble for him.

Panty and Stocking
Panty shakes her head, Humans and their evil cults. Honestly, it's a hobby, I think. Though they make for some great orgies. She tilts her head, not really caring about the discussion. It was boring; at this point, the green kid was the most interesting thing in the room...Guys don't have eggs. Friggin dumba**.

Stocking, meanwhile, looks up-The Illumanti Libras is but one aspect of a vast elder-conspiracy to subvert humanity for the coming cleansing, orchestrated by neither heaven nor hell. That...was completely made up. But she felt like talking.