Update 66


[Attack on the Hermitage]

HT will soon go through the list of players who volunteered in the OOC thread for this plot, narrow it down to a manageable amount, and work out how to get them into the plot IC. So far, only Justin has been confirmed OOC.


It has begun! Moffette is dressed as a sexy Thanksmas angel, then she made a snow angel which came to life. She also received a robot tank that she sent after Reinholdt and a box containing Magtok, on the grounds that they were the only undeadtimed people in the thread at the time.

Charity acquired speed painting powers for this thread only, and is painting portraits of everyone during their visit with Santa. She'll have to send Trix and Jakus's portrait to them, since they left so quickly.

Elias is at a booth handing out free baked goods. He hasn't gone to see Santa, because he knows very well that he is not a good boy.

Missy arrived and acquired a Thanksmas fanservice costume. She's slipping around in the snow, as she's not allowed to use her wired reflexes for a while, and Magtok showed up to offer his arm and make awkward small talk.

[Mother-Soon's Journey]

The couple arrived at the winter quarters of Waterstrider's tribe the day before the Winter Moon festival. So far they met some children, including two wolfen and a goblin, and a young wolfen woman who is about to reach adulthood and is flirting quite blatantly with Waterstrider.

[Charlie's Plot]

Interrogation of the prisoners and pursuit of Charlie is on hold until player energy is freed up.

[Whisper's Plot]

This plot has also gone on hiatus.

[The Sacred Order of Arnold Cunningham]

Continues to be nice. They continue to negotiate with the vampires to try and bring back the sun in Riverside.

The Westside Children's Home is acquiring more PCs, of both caretakers and orphans. All of them are unaware that one of the new orphans, named Tor, is the mind of Rot in a human (and alive!) child's body.


[1st Lt Alice Delisle]

Having a PTSD attack offscreen.

[The Applehill Family]

After speaking to the ex-slaves and learning of the horrors of the Hermitage, Brand and a plot clone of Waterstrider went to Watchtower to try and get more information. After speaking to Wenomir and Cessie, they learned the name of the cult, and the Watch members believe that Terrowin has been lying to them. Wenomir suggested using the Observatory to try and locate the Hermitage. They found it, and Cessie intends to come with them. Brand does not know she's pregnant, but Waterstrider does, by scent, and he's now very worried.

OOC preparations for making the plot happen will occur over the next few days.

[Charity Evans]

Evacuating civilians on Distraction Street

[Charlotta and Lottie]



Darcy is at Sakura's wedding, in limbo while the groom decides whether he's going to be one or not.

[Decker the Catgirl]


[Elias Larmette]

In Thanksmas.


Being a rat

[Gus Acre / Jake Stevenson]

Gus came to the front at Vas' Place while she was asleep, and though he felt a compulsion to stab her, he didn't act on it. Instead he whispered that he loved her, and went on a rampage, stabbing all of her bras. When she woke, he told her he needed to see her naked. Finally she took off her robe and kissed him, which was an effective distraction to getting him in a sleeper hold. She turned him over to Bugs and said she never wanted to see him again.

Bugs managed to destroy the nannites in Gus's eye, and Anna healed his mind which was shattered by the concussion, the Yellow Road, and the crazy hypnosis. When he realized what he had done, Gus was terrified that Jake and Vas would hate him, and he fled, leaving Jake in the front.

When Jake found out what happened, he was concerned only for Vas, not thinking of Gus at all. When Vas arrived, planning to break up with them, at least temporarily, he gave her Gus's message: that he was sorry. That softened Vas enough that she asked to see Gus. When she saw how devastated he was by what had happened, she relented completely, and took Gus back to her place. After comforting him and letting him sleep in her arms, she decided he wasn't going to feel secure until they consummated their relationship. She woke him with a kiss and convinced him it was okay for them to pull the curtain.

[Leah Loveman] and Lob]

I think the mission got cancelled. Not sure.


Mainframe returns from long deadtime in the form of a buggy and incomplete copy of the Mainframe installation in the head of the Maggy clone that was kidnapped by Julie, tortured by her pet ghost Boo, and gender bent by Eric. Its installation was not complete when the kidnapping occurred, and as long as it's cut off from the full MagCollective, it is only functioning in its portable form.

[Missy] aka Submission-in-Adversity-Brings-Peace Halifax

Is on medical leave, and wandering around the Thanksmas thread.


Moff 4 continues to abuse the die cane, making a purple dragaroo fall in love with AMEN's television, creating an elephant sized duck with a nametag that reads 'Rebo', and summoning a flock of sleep. He also managed to get the voice of Morgan Freeman, which impelled Ilpholin to slip some 'Sexual Orientation Change' potion into his drink to try and seduce him. She seems to be succeeding so far, but the presence of Valente is complicating things.

The sheep all got eaten. The dragaroo curtained with the television then flew away with it. The giant duck is still there. It would make someone a fine mount.


In NPC mode.

[Sunny Evans] (she kept her maiden name)

Gave Magtok a giant box of candy for his birthday, and is trying to convince him that she's not about to go into Happy Married Couple deadtime.

[Tia Eiranikos]

Working at the Children's Home in Inside.

[Vino D'Angelis]

Still trying to escape the haunted house.

[Winslow Warwick] and family

Should probably get around to doing the Riverside Magmart grand opening prank with Tom. Still.




Anyone without an entry is idle and doing stuff offscreen.

Character list:

1st Lt Alice Delisle
Basil Finch
Brand Applehill and family
Charity Evans
Charlotta and Lottie
Dag Ingasson
Darcy Turtle Brightember
Lady Dekaros of the Sixth Circle, Marchesa of War (Decker the Younger)
Decker the Catgirl
Elias Larmette
Dr Ferris Fitzhenry
Gamaliel and Paul
George Shackleton
Gus Acre
Hannah Snow
Jake Stevenson
Lorraine Godolphin
Leah Loveman
Missy Halifax
Moff Four
Moff Thirteen
Molly Fitzhenry
Ostari Elves
Peter Raven
Rilayne aka Crazy Aunt Riley
Simone Isandwana
Sunny Evans
The Trickster
Vasilisa and family
Vinicio D'Angelis
Winslow Warwick and family