Leavenworth Smedry

Leavenworth Smedry keeps quiet for the time being, as surprisingly, Lelouch transitions to discussing the idea that the Librarians might very well be a cover conspiracy for a even more hidden conspiracy.

And then Panty and Stocking jump in with their talk of the 'Illuminati Libras'.

"I've taken precautions against Hushlander Tech." He says absent mindedly.

"But you fellow may be one to something: the idea that another Conspiracy could be manipulating the Cult of Evil Librarians...well, to me, it sound a little ridiculous, but..."

He grins. "Hovering Herberts! This does requires some investigation!"

He begins drawing up a flowchart diagram on the blackboard.

"...If you can prove it to us, and I doubt you'll ever find anyone as skeptical as me, what's to stop you from simply marching up to Emperor Charles zi Britannia and letting him put his resources on the job?..."
He freeze in place, chalk poised over the words "Panty and Stocking's Elder Conspiracy". His other hand clenches into a fist.

{I'm going to make up a past plot event: hope you don't mind, Darkblade, I figure that Grandpa Smedry been around.}

"Charles." He snarls.

"He killed one hundred of the Knights of Crystallia when he detonated the Shrine of Doves at the Second Battle of the Worldspire. Then he had the gall to call it 'Survival of the Fittest' right to my face."

He shook his head. "No, Lelouch Lamperouge: I will not ask that man for help."