You still need class skills and a quantity of skill points per level. I'd suggest you also do a find-and-replace in your text to convert "soulknives" to "soulminds", as I see the former rather than the latter in at least one place.

You have copied the "unless he intends to throw it" clause from the soulknife's mindblade description, but you have not given the soulmind the ability to throw his mindblade. I'd recommend granting access to thrown and even ranged weapon mindblades (with psionically created ammunition).

Right now, this class basically feels like you took the soulborn and soulknife and stapled them together. That's not a bad start, but I'd suggest that you add some abilities that create synergy among the two sources, such as the ability to put essentia into the mindblade, and perhaps some variant of knife to the soul that grants a temporary bonus point of essentia when used.