Maka's gaze reveals nothing, literally nothing. Where she should be seeing the depths of Bella's soul all there is an empty void. Bella doesn't seem to have noticed being stared at though as her attention falls right on the Mr. McCoy and Stephanie.



C.C. turns her gaze to Light. She had spent long enough in Area 11 forcibly contained to Lelouch's dorm room with nothing to do but read school files to know of Light Yagami, one of the most acclaimed students in the Area and the only Eleven to be granted the status of Honorary Britannian citizenship without military service. She falls back upon her old courtly manners to fall back and retreat. "Mr. Yagami, I beg your pardon. I heard unfamiliar voices in the dormitory and came to investigate. If they are guests of your's then I'm sure they can be trusted. If you'll excuse me then..."

She makes her way out of the Light's room and back down the hall towards Lelouch's room.



Alice regains her composure and looks back towards Lelouch shaking her head. Despite just meeting him she seems almost disappointed with him.



As everyone gathers in the corridor waiting for the bell to ring Mr. Oliver returns. "Gary, Souske, a word in my office please."