Alias: Magician Name: Awesomus Cooliues
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Half-Celestial Half-Dragon Half-Elf
Age: 47 (35 human)
Alignment: CN, more neutral than Chaotic
Class/Profession: Magician
Power Rating: 3 (adventurer)
Description: Blonde, almost silver, hair. Ruff skin, like scales. Face is slightly dragon like, but also angelic at the same time. Wears a suit and a top hat. Carries a brieface, and wears strangly out-of-place sandals. Has a Panda tatoo on the palm of his right hand. Has a ring with a black onyz gem on it.
Equipment: Other than the things he is wearing, he has a panda plushie, a deck of cards, a change of clothes, money, a mug, and a journal.
Backstory: He generally doesnt like to talk about his backstory, seeing as he is a Half-Celestial Half-Dragon Half-Elf
Miscellaneous: Hs the ability to shape-shift small inanimate objects.