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    Light Yagami
    "Sebastien?" He says, then indicates C.C with the corner of his head. "If you wouldn't mind?" Somehow he doubts her story. The delivery was a little off, too confident, too decisive for something as simple as she said. She wasn't acting like someone who had been caught in his rooms for an innocent reason, but she wanted him to think she was.
    Maybe she was harmless. But he couldn't afford not to be careful. That out of the way, he moves over to his desk, and takes out the exercise notepad he used to keep his Death Note pages in, and placed them on the desk, but he didn't open. Instead he stared pointedly at Misa.

    Lelouch looks down at his watch, affecting surprise at the time, then stood up. "Well, I've said my piece. If you'll excuse me, I have a prior commitment that cannot be missed."
    "Lulu! You can't be skipping again!" Shirley called, as Lelouch walked out if the room. He sent her a nonchalant smile to which she frowned, without breaking stride. He looked ahead to the doors, and then was gone. Lelouch didn't bother turning to look back at Shirley's expression. Of course she would be upset, but he had never let her stop him. Besides, even if he didn't continue to keep his daily patterns the same as before he had become Zero to chase away suspicion, Lelouch found the games relieved his unconditional boredom. And, of course, it was easier then holding down a job.
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