Gary frowns, and without saying a words, turns and walks off from Liz, making his way to Mr. Oliver's Office.

As he walks about he tries searching for strange signals, weird transmissions, anything that might emanate from the weird evil thingy he was supposed to investigate.

"Because he's a secret agent."

Leavenworth Smedry

"You assume that I'm some sort of 'lone wolf' operative, running a one-man guerilla war!" Smedry replies. "That's not so: I'm supported by my large extended family, as well as an Alliance of Magical Kingdoms inside my Cupboard!"

He points to the cupboard he had emerged from at the beginning of class.

For some reason, after saying that, Lelouch pleads prior engagements, and walks off.

"Hold a moment!" Leavenworth says, getting up, running after Lelouch...and handing him a book...and a pair of dark sunglasses.

"Here's some class reading material: knowing you, you'll have some explanation about how I wrote, edited, printed and bound this in the depths of my insanity or some such nonsense. Keep the sunglasses."

He smiles. "Go on! Enjoy the sun! Exercise or something!"

With that, he heads back to the class. "Right then: who wants to talk about conspiracies. Or does anyone want to go outside for a class discussion, or to the Magic Kingdoms in my Cupboard?"