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Stephanie's outburst is acknowledged by someone as Soul looks up to see the attactive girl. "Finally someone in this class who isn't as flat as an ironing board. Names Soul Evans, and you are?" Hearing Beast speak he sighs as he says, "Hold that thought. Yo, teach I'll volunteer" The apathetic look on his face speaks volumes of how bored he is.

(Did you catch my last post Darkblade? Maka was speaking to Bella in it.)

"Sure thing, Professor!"

Crap. That was a slip-up. Honestly, a year's worth of college, and Steph ends back up in high school...not fair. But Batman had been pretty adamant...and the offer of using this to (somehow) get into a better college worked for her.

She finally takes a closer look at Beast, and shrugs in reaction to the man's fur and coloration. She had teamed up with a blue-skinned magical pilgrim in order to get a cat laid; after that, you really could take a lot in stride.

"Just give me one second."

She moves over to Soul's desk, hips swaying ever-so-slightly. She leans in to him...and slaps him in the face. Hard. That being done, she heads back to the front of the classroom, completely casual to what she just did.

"I don't like it when people objectify me."

Tuesday Evenings with a Gender Studies major, Education Minor. And what is it about little boys and my chest? And that comment, seriously? It's like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, except with little boys and beasts and the porridge is all the same but the boys are different...I think I lost my metaphor.


She looks at Gary, tilting her head as she does so. His body language is...odd. Extremely so.

She doesn't say anything, though. She's far too socially inept to initiate conversation with a stranger.