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    Zen Psionics: Mastering the Meditant

    Contemplate the Rainbow. Taste the Rainbow.

    “We tend to think of meditation in only one way. But life itself is a meditation.” -Raul Julia

    • Introduction
    • Glossary
    • The Meditation Mechanic Explained
    • The Meditant
    • Strategy
    • General Tips
    • Sample Configurations

    Introduction: Why Meditant?

    The Meditant is a psionic PrC from WotC’s excellent “Mind’s Eye” series of articles. I was immediately impressed with its robust chassis and suite of powerful buffs, yet the class itself wasn’t quite as straightforward as I would like. I thus began writing a brief guide as an aid to myself to work through its mechanics, and decided to spruce it up and publish it for the benefit of anyone else who was interested.

    What makes meditants fun is how versatile they are, both crunch- and fluff-wise. They can add to value to a variety of entrants (with Psion and Psywar getting the most benefit), while their fluff is generic enough to fit just about any background/concept as well. (Which caster/manifester/gish, or even mundane with a spiritual bent, doesn’t meditate?) Best of all, the Meditant is one of very few official psionic PrCs to lose less than two ML, and so is worth a look for that fact alone.

    Pros: 9/10 manifesting; medium (3/4) BAB; untyped, long-duration, supernatural buffs to a variety of attributes; other useful class features (including an effective alternative to the Psion Uncarnate.)
    Cons: Low HD (d4), 1 ML lost on entry, adds no proficiencies, low skill points, needs lots of down-time initially, feat-intensive qualifications.

    Even if you’re a gish, don’t let the small HD deter you; Consitution and temporary HP will give you a much bigger boost than dice ever will, and this class can get nice and lasting boosts to both.

    - Concentration 9 ranks
    - Manifester Level 5th
    - The Psychic Meditation and Deep Psychic Meditation feats. You'll need PM once and DPM 3 times, the maximum number of times you can take it.

    Due to the number of feats required, entering at the earliest possible level (ECL 6) can be rough on classes without bonus feats (though still doable); however, the feats themselves do provide nice benefits on their own for any manifesting class, so at least you're not totally setting them on fire.

    Note: do not confuse these with Psionic Meditation from the XPH/SRD.
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