Excellent handbook.

You might want to give a brief mention of the Epic Progression for the Meditant. It's found in the Epic Insights archive. Unfortunately it looks like they based the progression off the 3.0 version of the prestige class instead of the 3.5 version.

The Epic Inner Harmony feat is awesome and really ups the power of the prestige class. The Epic Psychic Meditation feat, however, is wonky. The revised Meditant doesn't qualify for the feat by RAW as the revised Meditant no longer gets the Intense Psychic Meditation as feats.

However, any DM allowing the PrC should allow the revised Meditant to take the feat as it's pretty clear that the Intense Psychic Meditation class feature replaces the feat of the same name.

The EPM feat is good and bad, as the ability score bonuses are enhancement bonuses, so while they stack with the untyped bonuses from the Meditant, at epic a character will probably already have +2 enhancement bonuses to all or most stats. However, the Third Eye center boost is great because it explicity stacks with the benefit of your regular Third Eye.

If you activate Third Eye to get 1 bonus PP/ML and use EPM to activate Third Eye, that adds 2 bonus PP/ML, for a grand total of 3 PP/ML. At the level when you get the EPM feat (21st level), that's 63 bonus PP. You can only activate the EPM feat once per center per instance of the feat per day, but that's a hefty boost over 1 PP/ML.

Also, it's arguable that the stated duration of the EPM feat (4 hours) increases to 1 hour per character level when you take the Epic Inner Harmony feat. If so then the Solar Plexus might be worthwhile (+2 untyped bonus to 1 save, +1 untyped remaining 2 saves). That'd stack with a triple primed Solar Plexus and you could mix them, for example giving the +5 morale to Fort, +3 morale to reflex & will, then +2 to will and +1 to reflex & fort. Net +6 fort, +4 reflex, +5 will.

For a Psion or anyone relying on powers that have saves, the Sacral center for EPM is great, granting a +3 bonus to the DC for your primary discipline, +1 for all other powers. 3.5 Psions still have disciplines so this works fine.

The Epic Inner Harmony feat is pure gold.