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    Default Re: Warhammer 40k fluff thread VI: They see me Ward'en, they haten

    Quote Originally Posted by Borgh View Post
    The problem is the time between the horus heresy and the point where a lost chapter showing up gets plausible. I'd assume that for quite a while after the second founding every chapters heritage was well documented so we are talking third founding on the earliest and lexicanum puts that at the start of M32, a thousand years after the second founding. A thousand years in which they have to stay hidden. The blood ravens own histories start in M37, seven thousand years after the Heresy. Thats a lot of time to fill.

    Imagine this, for seven thousand years:
    time M34.532
    +++Sender: the Battle Barge Litany of Fury Emperors Aquila+++
    Space marine: Hail, governor! we are the who are we this time again? we are the Eagle warriors! We have come to your planet for recruitment!
    Governor: Welcome honoured brothers! Pray tell, what brings you to this humble planet? I thought the eagle warriors are three sectors away?
    Space marine: they are? well crap Uhm it was a warpstorm. Yeah, the warp did it. So please just let us recruit some of your psykers and we will be off again.

    And not one Inquisitor catching up.
    Suppose they recruited exclusively from feral or pre-Industrial age worlds where there's no global government or overall Governor in charge. All they'd have to do is roll up, call themselves Angels of the Emperor and recruit any who want to join.

    As noted in one of the argument posts, most citizens would jump at the chance given the mythology of the Emperor and the Astartes.

    As for recruiting psykers exclusively, it could well be that the selection process is biased towards psykers (whether by accident or design) or the BR geneeseed has a habit of awakening latent talents, so they just end up with a higher proportion of psykers in their numbers.

    Either way, by keeping a low profile, the average inquisitor isn't going to investigate every occasion of an unidentified Astartes chapter recruiting on the fringes of Imperial space. The aforementioned Space Sharks weren't 'discovered' until M41, even though rumours suggest they existed in M32.

    With regards to the gaps in their history, many of the less famous chapters have missing sections or unknown foundings, either from war, accident or simple neglect. Not every Chapter is as scrupulous as the Ultramarines or their successor chapters in maintaining their history.

    Quote Originally Posted by Squark View Post
    Actually, what do Space Marines do when they're not fighting hive fleets, traitor marines, or some of the nastier xenos species (Eldar of both varieties, Necrons and the Tau are starting to become more recognized threats)?
    As Zorg says, it depends on their chapter. The Lexicanum has a small page on their daily rituals:

    Quote Originally Posted by Lexicanum
    • 0400 - Morning Prayer - Led by the Company Chaplain, the Space Marines renew their oaths to the Emperor and the company relics are displayed. This time is also used to give out orders, announcements and other administrative tasks.
    • 0500 - Morning Firing Rites - The Space Marines engage in target practice with their personal and squad weaponry, awards and punishments are dispensed for consistently good or poor accuracy respectively.
    • 0700 - Battle Practice - Generally this is close quarters oriented, however live fire or hazardous environment training may be done instead (or as well).
    • 1200 - Midday Prayer - In addition to prayer any injured Space Marines can report to the Apothecary.
    • 1300 - Midday Meal - Normally local wildlife killed during the morning activities.
    • 1315 - Tactical Indoctrination - This can take many forms, from information on a new alien species or technology to strategy. A debrief of the morning's battle is common as well.
    • 1500 - Battle Practice - This focuses more on combined tactics in conjunction with vehicles, Dreadnoughts and devastator squads and normally includes a trial of a new tactic introduced during the tactical indoctrination.
    • 2000 - Evening Prayer - In addition to prayer, gene-seed testing may occur at this point.
    • 2100 - Evening Meal - A feast (by normal human standards) is provided by the Chapter serfs, and some Chapter Masters may allow alcohol to be consumed.
    • 2130 - Night Firing Exercises - If the chapter is based on a planet where there is no perceptible night or they are based on a fleet, firing exercises are under taken in exotic environments such as underwater, through dense fog or smoke or in zero gravity.
    • 2315 - Maintenance Rituals - Each Space Marine is expected to maintain his own power armour and weapons, and it is often checked by the Chapter's Techmarines.
    • 2345 - Free Time - Space Marines are permitted this time to reflect upon their duty to The Emperor, however many Chapter Masters regard free time as a frivolous waste, and a dangerous distraction in the extreme.
    • 0000 - Rest Period - Space Marines are allocated 4 hours in which to sleep.
    However, I believe this routine is only applicable to a normal battle brother at headquarters or training facility (not to those on patrol duty in ships) and officers (including non-comms) would spend more time in tactical study and intelligence assessments from the surrounding areas.
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