As a side topic, does anyone have any ideas for new stories in the 41st millenium?

By that I mean non-war related stuff: sports page, buisiness news etc.

For my upcoming Rogue Trader RPG I'll be running I'm going to be making a fake newspaper, the Koronus Gazetter, which will have some info pertaining to adventure hooks, as well as gossip and suchlike. For instance the 'first issue' will be have the headline about the Emperor's Bounty and her crew being declared officially Lost to the Warp, and that it is now free salvage (obvious first plot). The back page is Rogue Tradin', a gossip mag type run detailing rumours and scandals the characters' contemporaries are getting up to. I'll also put things in like advertisements of merchants and whatnot.

For instance one plot hook is a merchant being hugely overstocked with bolters... but they're all crap and he doesn't have ammo. The one guy who has ammo is charging ridiculous prices. The two cooked up a deal to produce knock-off bolters on the cheap and gouge the price of shells, working the margins to make a huge profit.
This will simply be an advertisement that merchant X has bolters! Bolters! Bolters!

I'm using the standard setting of the Koronus Expanse bordering the Calixis sector. I'm just looking for some ideas for filler or minor side plots mostly (humourous is fine too - "Silent prayer of Chanting? Which is more effective?" etc).