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There are large numbers of bolters on the black market? I thought they were so finicky without daily maintenance (one of the reasons the IG doesn't use them for foot soldiers is that regular guardsman don't get the training they need to maintain them).
Actually, a lot of IG officers in Cain series seems to use bolt weapons, not to mention covers of books in said series...

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He broke it because the Emperor needed to be warned. The emperor then thanked him by unleashing Russ on Magnus, thus forcing him to completely turn to chaos or turn in furry food.
What you miss, is that the Magnus almost turned Terra into a daemon world, yet was only supposed to be brought back for questioning. How is that evil, exactly?

Also, he could, I don't know, take the message with him on a ship? He had plenty of time.

Not really. Lorgar started worshiping the emperor. The emperor rejected that kind of behaviour and claimed there was no such thing as gods (aka a blatant lie). Lorgar then goes to find out that there are indeed gods, and they want to be worshiped, and thus the IoM is being built in lies.
And that warrants mass genocide how exactly?

Not to mention the fact of them being "gods" is also a lie.

He also only got that daemonic sword because he insisted on fully exterminating other race just for the evulz, so he never had any traces of good on him.
You mean the race that was so completely gone to chaos they all had warp mutations?

It's like arguing unit of soldiers shooting mob of suicide bombers approaching them is evil.

-Magnus tries to warn him of his brother's treacheries with magic? Unleash the furry hordes on him!
The kind of magic that was expressly forbidden due to dangers it brings?

What he did is warning President about alien invasion by dropping fully armed atomic bomb on Washington D.C. forcing defenders to divert all their forces to locate and disarm it instead of fighting aliens.

For all effects, the IoM is the emperor. His orders were and are still absolute (if you claim you hear his voice, then you're given high positions instead of being thrown in the loony house). Thus all of the emperor's faults end up reflecting in the IoM. His errors back then echo trough 10.000 years.
A) He hated all these things; B) If you would claim the above, better pray you won't come across Ecclesiarchy or Hereticus, as such claim will meet with business end of combi-flamer rather quickly.

And they're actualy right for it. Many of them were put in positions where chaos was indeed the only answer (Lorgar wanted something to worship, Magnus had no other way to try to warn the emperor, Angrom wanted revenge, etc).
Gee, I'd advice them to take knitting instead :P