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Anyway, Ciaphas Cain makes reference to Scrumball (some sort of rugby like game, judging by his description of the violence in the game), and there was apparently some sort of inter-planetary league of some kind.
Harriers For The Cup! was, at one point, seriously considered as the working title for one of the 40k crunch threads

But yes, it works nicely as a plot hook - someone suspects one of the local Scrumball players of using some kind of restricted drug to enhance their performance, and your Inquisitor briefly mentions that he might be interested in finding out who/what his supplier might be.

The end of the mission can be as funny (the guy is taking one of EVERY illicit drug available and hoping for the best) or as genuinely horrific (the guy is a renegade Space Marine, Daemon or dangerously unfettered Psyker in disguise) as you like.