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    Default Clandestine Operations playtest - "the Garrote"

    It was raining heavily when you arrived in the village of Fair Hills. You left your horses in the stable and headed for the Fair Hills Inn, where you expected to find your target, Captain von Richter. You walked past an outhouse and a copse of trees as you approached the front door of the inn. You entered the inn, your clothes dripping with water. An attractive young woman greets you in the lobby with a practised smile.

    "Welcome to the Fair Hills Inn. How can I be of service?" Looking at your wet clothes, she adds: "Do you need a room, perhaps?"


    This is the IC thread for team 1: SamBurke, Vixsor Lumin and BarroomBard. You may start posting as soon as you're ready. Write any OOC (out-of-character) information in spoiler like this one here.
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