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    Default Re: Clandestine Operations playtest - team 1

    "Very well," the woman replies. Pointing at the large room to her right, she says with a smile "Right over there. If you want to have dinner while you dry off, we have stew and pie, and a nice selection of drinks."


    Is Jack carrying his bow?

    EDIT: As you peek in and look around, you notice an Invictus soldier sitting at a table. Hearing the girl's request, he stands up and walks up to you. He's carrying a crossbow, wearing a brigandine armor with the usual black-and-red symbols of Invictus. He's also carrying a small dagger on his belt.

    "I'll help," he says curtly.

    There are also two commoners sitting around a table in the common room. There are currently no other customers you can see.
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