Doing this again...

Masaru: In Soul Society, waiting for results of Yoshi's leadership efforts, and HECATE's potential database search.
Yoshi: Waiting for the fruits of his decisions, HECATE's searches, and maybe something from Draken? I really have no idea what's going on, and am trying desperately to no muck it up as I wing it.
Kaito: In main timestream...waiting for Samsara arc to kick off, I guess. In Training Episode, waiting for response from Berry.
Josiah: Waiting for a response in the Bifrost Episode.
Vicente: Waiting for the fight in Sereg's palace to move along.
Cackling Oni: Fightin'!
Endo Shin: Not actually active yet. I need to finalize him and put him in the registry...Maybe get some help/suggestions on a Higher Hakudo from the community?

I almost feel bad that it seems like Kuroi and I are the only ones to post for something like half the week, at least...