Hectic end of the year is hectic, but yeah, this feels a little slower than usual.

Heck, the OPitP game is showing more action right now.

Kazuma: Waiting for Ryouichi to tell him whether to scoot or help on the search.
Shishiou: Right now? Nothing much. He could stand to go on a date with Aya. And maybe after that we'd get the Kidou defector plot going?
Soushi: Pouting and complaining that he didn't get to see Daisuke's first time.
Serazel: STILL waiting for the Ruwa/Mei fight to move along.
Rouga: Either waiting for Genoveva to bring it on, or for him to train Adam.
Reiji: Fightin'!
Hasunaga: Nothing much right now, still in Reborn cosplay.
Subject 1864: Waiting for Operation Bifrost to commence.